Spence-Chapin’s Modern Family Center provides birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees of all ages a supportive community and a connection to professionals who understand the unique aspects of adoption.

Personal Adoption History for Adoptees, Birth Parents, and their family members

The process of trying to connect with birth family members can be joyful and rewarding, as well as emotional and complicated. We offer support, resources, and a community for everyone thinking about search and reunion. Read More


Our therapists specialize in adoption and identity related issues throughout the lifecycle. Learn more about our counseling and parent coaching services and give us a call to schedule your first FREE consultation. 


Spence-Chapin is committed to using our vast experience and proven approach to help children living in foster care with the most complex needs to transition and remain in permanent families. Spence-Chapin provides comprehensive, evidence-based therapy and case-management for the most complex cases. Read more


Our interactive, social, and educational events are available to all families – find an upcoming event


Our Mentorship Program for adopted middle and high school students empowers adoptees through friendship, building self-confidence and challenging them to discover and understand their adoption identities and experiences.


Trips for adopted persons and their families to visit their birth country. 


Most adoptions today have some level of openness, but that doesn’t mean everyone fully knows how to navigate such a unique and often complex relationship. Our facilitated reunion meetings provide an accepting, neutral space for both families to meet, talk, and plan for the future. An adoption professional guides the process, establishes boundaries, and encourages healthy communication. Families can take advantage of this service as a way to establish or re-establish an open adoption, or on an ongoing basis to continue the relationship.


Every May we honor and celebrate birth mothers and their journeys. The beautiful ceremony serves as a reminder to every person in the room that being a birth mother means more than having a biological connection to a child. Being a birth mother means being a mother from afar, finding the inner strength to love patiently and to always remember that we are all human and must cope with all that life offers – good, bad, and everything in between. 


Spence-Chapin feels strongly that it is a fundamental right of birth parents and adoptees to have access to their information. Regardless of the adoption laws governing NYS in the past, we need to move forward and understand how important it is to recognize the rights of the adoption community in the present time.

Learn more about how you can get involved and help advocate on behalf of NYS birth parents and adoptees.