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Birthland Trips

2018 Dates tbd

Through a special grant, Spence-Chapin offers a Korean Summer Internship Program for two young adult Korean adoptees! Deepen your connection to your birth culture by traveling to Korea. You will be able to tour and explore Seoul and care for babies in South Korea’s adoption agency, Social Welfare Society (SWS).

Airfare, room & board, and a stipend are included.

Required Ages: 18-30 years old

Applicants may be invited to interview and, those accepted, will have the opportunity to attend an orientation before traveling.

To learn more, please email Katie Rogala, LSW at

2018 Dates tbd

Join Spence-Chapin and Family & Children's Agency this summer in Korea to deepen your connection to your child’s birth culture through sights, sounds, smells, food, and language. This two week trip is specially designed for children and young adults of Korean heritage to visit the country of their birth as part of a group of adoptive families. Families will tour both rural and urban cities in Korea including Seoul, the Seorak Mountains, and Busan. 

Ideal for families with children ages: 8-25 years old

To learn more, please contact Katie Rogala, LSW at

Korean language immersion program
2018 Dates tbd

Hosted in association with Kyung Hee University, we’re offering a wonderful opportunity to live in Seoul and experience life as a university student in Korea. This is an intensive summer program where you’ll be immersed in Korean language and culture courses five days a week, four hours a day. 

SWS is able to cover the tuition for the program, however, the student must cover costs of airfare, textbooks, meals, and housing. 

Korean adoptees ages 18 and up are welcome to apply. 

To learn more, please email Katie Rogala, LSW at will be given to those who are applying for the first time.


Check out this list of birthland tours offered by other agencies and organizations. 

Please note: The Modern Family Center at Spence-Chapin does not endorse or recommend any birthland tours not affiliated with Spence-Chapin. For more information about the birthland tours listed, please contact that agency or organization.