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Family Therapy Center: Counseling Services

Welcome to Family Therapy Center.
What type of family counseling are you looking for?

The world’s largest  family therapy center service

100% Online. In partnership with BetterHelp. Here’s some of what our family therapy center offers in terms of counseling.

Relationship therapy

  • Family marriage counseling
  • Counseling for blended families
  • Interracial marriage counseling
  • Online divorce counseling
  • Interracial couples therapy
  • Codependency therapists
  • Spanish marriage counseling
  • Individual therapy for relationship issues
  • Black Christian marriage counselors
  • Spiritual marriage counseling
  • Family constellation therapy

Siblings and Parent Therapy

  • Sibling counseling
  • Sibling rivalry therapy
  • Counseling for parents and child
  • Mother Daughter Counseling
  • Co parenting counseling
  • Court ordered co parenting counseling

Types of licensed therapists

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Got help

Chat, video sessions
family therapy center

Licensed family therapists you can trust

Start using this vast network of family therapists, from this Family Therapy Center, that can help with all types of marriage counseling, parent counseling, childrens therapy, and any other aspect related to your family.

With these therapists you’ll experience the same quality level as you would with in-person therapists, but now you’ll be able to contact them at your convenience and choose between video calls, messages, or phone calls. 

How it works

Get matched to a therapist that suits you

Find a therapist by answering a a few questions and you’ll be matched with someone who fits your needs.

Communicate online

Get in touch with your therapist as you see fit. Chat, text, video, or phone.

Counseling when needed

Contact your therapist any time you feel a need to. You can schedule a live session and connect from anywhere.


100% Online. In partnership with BetterHelp. Here’s some of what our family therapy center offers in terms of counseling.

Is this right for me?

Modern Family Center could be a good fit for you if you are seeking an improved life quality. 

If something is getting in the way of your happiness or goals then therapy may help you. 

This isn’t right for you if you are a minor, need emergency treatment, or court ordered therapy.

How long does it take for me to connect with a family therapist?

Often it takes less than 24 hours. 

How can I be sure this form of family therapy will be effective?

A range of studies have proven that  the effectiveness of online therapy for making positive impacts in peoples lives. A lot of positive feedback and testimonials validate that this is a good family therapy service.

How much does this cost?

Depending on different factors family therapy will cost you between $50 – $70 per week. It is billed every month. Membership can be cancelled at any time.